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Introducing the Last Mile DeFi Podcast

Hola amigos, it’s great to be here with you all. I’m incredibly excited to share with you that I am launching the introductory episode of Last Mile DeFi - a 10(ish)-part podcast that will explore the challenges, opportunities, and frontiers of DeFi in Latin America.

Without further ado, I present thee with episode 00, the introductory episode (which you can collect on Lens):

You will also find the podcast on your preferred content platforms:

Lens | Spotify | Apple | YouTube | Google | Simple Cast

After over 400 conversations with thought-leaders, builders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, academics, last-mile communities in Guatemala, and more - Last Mile DeFi is accompanying piece to the report I am working on where we will highlight the voices of leading projects and builders who are pushing the envelope of adoption of DeFi in the region.

The podcast will cover the role of decentralized social in driving mass adoption, explore the models of some of the region’s leading DeFi-powered projects, speak with those at the vanguard of regulatory developments in the region, those facilitating crypto payments, discuss the importance of wallets in onboarding the masses, and explore how we can make undercollateralized lending a reality, among other subjects.

I’ll be publishing two episodes a week over the course of the next few weeks, with accompanying blog posts that will give an overview of the conversation, the primary topics discussed, and give readers/listeners a sense of what is covered in more depth in the full report.

To stay up to date with the latest findings, you can follow along on Twitter and Lens as well. I’ll be publishing updates on the research and behind the scenes content, so make sure you’re joining us. You can also join us in our Telegram channel too!

Lastly, thank you so much for your feedback on v1 of the report I recently published. There’s still time to review v1 (the open review session will close on March 31st, after which I will go ahead and publish v2 in April), so if you haven’t read it and reviewed it yet, would highly recommend doing so:

This research and podcast is produced with the support of:

Ethereum Foundation Fellowship: The Fellowship program is a forum for leaders who are driven by leveraging Ethereum as a public good to help billions of people coordinate and thrive. The Fellowship program aims to support individuals who are passionate about identifying barriers to mass-adoption and breaking down the barriers for underrepresented communities to access crypto.

Celo Foundation: Celo is the blockchain built for the real world. Carbon-negative, mobile-first and EVM-compatible, Celo is leading a thriving new digital economy for all. Build together and prosper.

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